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Whitecloud Capital is the leading provider of automated AI-based trading in Europe.
Join fellow investors today and future-proof your investment portfolio! Start today from 500 €.

Fair Pricing.

You only pay a small 20% profit share for your realised profits.


hist. average yearly return, see your first results after only a few days.


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No Limits.

After having started, you can cancel the usage and withdraw your money anytime.

What is Whitecloud?

We are enablers, innovators, quantitative traders, and your partner for achieving real AI trading performance.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised many industries over recent years and the financial markets are the new focus. AI algorithms have the potential to analyse large amounts of data, recognise patterns, and make decisions faster and more accurately than humans, leading to numerous benefits in the trading and investment sector.

As the leading provider of AI-based trading strategies in Europe, we see it as our mission to give ordinary people access to the high-end technologies that the banks and institutions have until now been using for their own benefit.

Get first class access to premium-ranked AI trading strategies.



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Only High-Performance Strategies

Every strategy has its own characteristics – with a minimum investment starting at only 500 €.


Our proprietary Y-5 strategy is designed to exploit market inefficiencies in the price of antipodean currencies. This means, between AUD, NZD, and CAD. It relies on a pattern recognition algorithm that predicts significant reversal zones. Trades are managed in baskets, and positions are held for up to several days. Y-5 offers a smooth growth curve with efficient usage of equity.


Trading Gold exclusively, our N-50 strategy offers great potential for additional diversification. It trades primarily during the quiet hours of the day and aims to capture inefficient market microstructures. Each position is protected by a fixed stop-loss and positions are held for up to five hours. Due to its high effectiveness, it can generate higher returns than the other strategies but requires a higher minimum investment, in turn.


X-500v is our most sophisticated strategy. It trades across up to 30 markets simultaneously to achieve optimal diversification. With extensive risk management, it aims to keep the correlation between trades low while maintaining a very high performance profile. Trades are held for an average of 10 hours. A multi-level security concept with smart stop-loss levels limits exposure to single currency pairs.


The performance of all strategies is uncorrelated to public stocks, bonds, or funds.

Risk management

Crisis stability of all strategies given a track record of long term live tradin and backtestings.

Cash flow

AI-based trading strategies have historically been generating stable and predictable cash flows.

Withdraw 24/5

All strategies are trading 100 % automated around the clock. You can withdraw anytime.

Use Whitecloud Capital AI signals in 4 simple steps

Create a new or connect your existing broker account to your desired strategy in only a few steps.
And by “simple” we mean simple.

1. Create an account

Create an account by submitting your email and your name.
The broker TMGM will then send you the details of your new account.

2. Verify your account

Opening the e-mail from TMGM will redirect you to the verification process where you can verify your identity in a few steps.

3. Fund your account

The broker provides you with several options for funding your account: Paypal, Master Card, bank transfer, etc.

4. Pick a strategy & start trading!

Select your desired strategy directly from the set-up e-mail and you’ll be redirected to the broker to connect this strategy to your account and then let the AI start its magic…

Fees and Conditions

Typical market fees from other providers include a 2% management fee (fixed fee) and a 20% performance fee (variable fee, depending on performance). However, we have a deep understanding of our sophisticated strategies and therefore work with a fair profit share model only, without any fixed fees. Hence, we only earn if our strategies also make a profit for you. Here’s an overview of our fees and conditions:
  • Minimum investment amount: €500
  • NO yearly management fee
  • 20% performance fee


To follow the Whitecloud Capital strategies, you create a broker account with our partner broker TMGM.

TMGM is one of the largest brokers in the world by volume, with an impressive average daily transaction volume of $11.7 billion (Q3 2022). TMGM is authorised and regulated by several regulatory bodies around the world (ASIC, FMA or VFSC).

Client funds are held in an Australian ADI (authorized deposit-taking institution) which has AA rating. The National Australia Bank (NAB) is among the top 30 largest financial institutions worldwide.


Extremly fair pricing

There’s no fixed monthly fee. At the end of every month, 20 % of your net profits are deducted.
You keep 80, we get 20.

0 €

management fee



monthly profit share



total monthly costs

Want to bring the power of AI-based trading to your own investment portfolio?

Whitecloud Capital offers a turnkey solution involving high risk / high reward trading strategies to enable you to diversify your own trading portfolio today.

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Microsoft Azure

...and there's so much more on offer

Get to know the reasons why so many people have chosen Whitecloud Capital and then happily stick with us.

Transparent fees & low minimums

You can start investing with Whitecloud Capital with as little as 500 € which makes it easy for everyone to use our products.

Two words:
profit share.

There’s no fixed monthly fee.
At the end of every month, 20 % of your net profits are deducted.
You keep 80, we get 20.

Passive &
100 % automated

You only need to manually connect your broker account to one of our signals to receive all trades executed on your account.

Security as a standard

No one but you can access your funds while your money is deposited in your personal broker account.

Ask. Us. Everything.

Curious about current market trends, strategies, or something else? Our support team is there for you.

Now you!

Create your account now or connect your existing TMGM account to Whitecloud Capital. So quick and so easy!


Ensuring a high-quality investor community means that all applicants have to be verified by the broker and have to meet the respective qualification criteria. The sole membership is free of charge for active investors.

Any last questions?

Whitecloud Capital gives you exclusive access to powerful AI trading strategies, running on your own broker account.

To follow the Whitecloud Capital strategies, you create a broker account with our partner broker TMGM. You deposit your funds into your own account there and thus retain full control. You then connect your TMGM account with our trading strategies using the link provided after verification.

After this connection, you receive our trading signals fully automatically via API on your account – we have no insight or access to your investment, this always remains on your trading account. No manual intervention is necessary, but possible.

No, there is no minimum term and you are free to edit or disconnect from our strategies at any time. You can make deposits or withdrawals from your account with TMGM at any time.

TMGM is a leading global broker specialising in trading currencies and commodity spot prices. The broker has first-class regulation (ASIC) and works with reputable banks. As our partner, they offer you the best trading environment to follow our strategies or trade manually. You can find their online presence here: www.tmgm.com

Following our signals is free of charge. You can choose to either connect one live or one demo account to one or a number of our strategies. If you decide to connect a live account, however, we charge a 20% monthly performance fee on your net profits.

We work on an equity high-water mark basis. This means that the performance fee will only be deducted from your account if you have reached or surpassed your last highest account balance. Fees are deducted automatically at the end of each month.

Depending on your chosen strategy, the algorithm trades different currency pairs. You can find more details under the respective strategy.

Taxes are unfortunately not calculated per trade.yYou can however get a report from our partner broker and enter it in your tax return as usual. For further tax matters we ask you to consult with your tax consultant.

Yes, this is possible. And any amount deposited in addition is automatically adjusted and the algorithm then uses the new amount from then on, so compound interest effects are also used.

Of course! Simply follow your link to our trade copier portal, navigate to “Trading Accounts” and click on the green plus next to “Signals”. This will allow you to copy the trades from an additional strategy to your account.

Yes, we do indeed offer such a program.
You will be rewarded with € 50 for every person you refer to us.
Please send the name of your referred friend and your IBAN to the following mail: referrals@whitecloud.capital
Please note that certain requirements should be met before we can make a bonus payment. A lot must first be traded and a minimum deposit of $ 500 must then be invested in your friend’s account.

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