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About us

Who we are

It all started with a vision.
2015: Three young men from Europe were in the middle of their studies when they came up with the business idea – a smart trading algorithm for everyone’s use.

First and foremost, it needed structure. When to offer what and what performance the algorithm should provide. Months of work and research began until the concept was ready. Now it was time to optimise the AI so that it could challenge the biggest competitors.

A few years later with so much capital traded, in 2020 the product was market ready.

The first followers that pursued the company’s strategies since its establishment were now joined by more and more new followers!

The algorithm is available to everyone and we are pleased that the vision and years of work have been successful. Whitecloud Capital is the first true SaaS solution in the field of AI-driven automated trading. Coming up to a decade of operation, Whitecloud Capital currently services followers and institutions around the globe with the ultimate automated trading solutions.

What we do

We build AI-based volatility trading strategies that deliver outsized, non-correlated returns in a range of financial asset classes, embracing our clients’ risk-reward profiles in a dependable, reliable, and secure manner.

Our vision

We aim to become the highest performing scalable trading strategy provider for retail investors through our expert application of deep technology and AI.

Our values

Build trust

Trust is critical. We encourage collaboration, debate, and committment. Here for a rewarding journey

Exceed trader expectations

We don’t just aim to help traders. We want them to love Whitecloud Capital. We’re ready to serve with a great AI.

Raise the bar

We’re always striving to improve. We consistently raise the bar for ourselves, for each other, and for our product. It’s what makes us special

Act with urgency

People are counting on us. Their financial futures are at stake. We understand there’s a ticking clock and we have finite time.

Our partners

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